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Attention Men and Women! Men - Are you getting all of the love, respect, and admiration you desire? Women - Are you feeling as passionate, sexy, and romantic as you hoped to be with your partner? Or have you failed to meet the man who deserves all of your body, heart, and soul? Why aren’t your expectations being met?

What’s missing? Chemistry! When men are manly, women feel free to be more feminine. Many men and women have lost awareness of this simple fact. Authentic masculinity and femininity create fireworks between males and females. Attraction and bonding magically happen when the right man and woman connect. The result is that they frequently make a promise to share their desires, hopes, and lives together. They are intending to attain fulfillment and self-realization with each other. This book demonstrates to men how to be the man that women dream about while showing women how to find such a man and keep him.   

This is the real-life account of Don Bendell, a man who started off with an ideal childhood of family, church, Boy Scouts, and Mother Nature. Then, in adolescence, he is forced to cope with rejection, abuse, neglect, and failure. He builds upon that foundation to live an adventurous life as a US Army Special Forces (Green Beret) officer in Vietnam, Grandmaster Instructor in the martial arts, entrepreneur, feature film producer/director, tracker, rancher, best-selling author, and much more as a man, husband, father, friend, boss, mentor, and role model. He is a Real Man, a “Cowboy.”

The Cowboy is a metaphor for the American hero of the Old West that symbolizes the traits that all men can and should possess to win the love, admiration, and respect of women and other men, alike. Women desire and will faithfully commit with a Cowboy. Women also want to raise their sons to be Cowboys so that they can feel the pride of being the mother of a Real Man. Men and boys must be socialized to be great leaders, not wimps or losers. “Toxic Masculinity” is a recent label which blames men for not being more like women. It is a false portrayal of the traditional male spirit of courage, boldness, decisiveness, and other attributes that endow heroes, real men, and Cowboys in today’s world.

Any man can be a Cowboy (Real Man) regardless of the problems he faces. This book provides guidelines for every man who chooses to rise above the level of mediocrity and realize his full potential as a human being. You can learn about the 5 Types of men, 5 Capabilities of Men, the 13 Characteristics of a Cowboy, and how to Cowboy Up! Any man can apply the information in this book in order to be the man he is meant to be no matter what happens. Find out how behavior that is excessively masculine or excessively feminine is unattractive to women. Discover the thoughts, emotions, and actions of a man that will evoke passionate, deep, forever-type love for him by a woman.

This book is a gripping memoir of a Real Man who has trailblazed through, over, under, and around hardships and challenges of war, divorces, financial troubles, alcoholism, death, illnesses, injuries, plus other losses, disappointments, and stresses that could have defeated him but did not. He has recovered to experience collateral victories where he has survived and thrived in spite of suffering and setbacks.

Don Bendell provides stories that demonstrate that every man is confronted with challenges, but he can overcome them. Dr. Janet Bendell offers the viewpoint of a Social Psychologist providing a framework for developing the character, competence, confidence, commitment, and contributions that result in personal success for a man as a unique individual, who additionally conjures romantic feelings in a woman for him exclusively.

This book is targeted for both men and women. Men will observe the actions of another man who has done it all, up and down, and not only endured but came out on top of it. Men will take notice of how Don has prevailed and reaped the rewards. Women who love men as wives, mothers, girlfriends, sisters, and friends will discover how to identify, support, and encourage the Cowboy to be his best self. Men and women in healthy relationships create synergistic and symbiotic connections with each other that enrich and enliven both of them. You can join this movement to re-establish trust and unity that will instill more abundant love, happiness, and self-actualization for men and women as well.

Cowboy The F Up! Dr Janet Bendell

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